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Home Kitchen Board

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Home Kitchen Board

The special kitchen board with the stanless holder and high tickness (the tickness 2.0 - 5.0 Cm)., Gives you a stable cooking, not moving ,not danger when you operate with knife. And according with quality stand such as GMP,ISO.

Sample size.

1.20x30x2.0 Cm. 2.30x45x2.0 Cm 3.20x30x2.5 Cm. 4.30x45x2.5 Cm and another more size.

With stainless 304 holder (require) 

Supermarket and food...

Makr to order cutting board for food service at departmentstore or convenien store

Circle kitchen board

We make circle kitchen board for food industry or home shop restaurant to replace a wooden cutting board.

Highlight is a food grade plastic cutting board that is used to test for certain wooden cutting board. There are a variety of sizes and thicknesses, for example.

: Diameter 20,30,40,45 Cm; 2.5 Thickness until 5.0Cm